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AVANTI translation agency: Specialist translators only

AVANTI Language Services is a translation agency that specialises in translations in four very demanding fields:

And we work very meticulously, employing three pairs of eyes in the process:

To begin with, two translators – native speakers – produce a quality translation:

  • a professional translator, to guarantee perfect accuracy, and
  • a specialist in the field (such as a doctor or qualified lawyer) to guarantee the required style and terminology.

By overseeing each other’s work, they form a cast-iron team.

Unique way of working

No other translation agency does what we do, with three pairs of eyes at work. Two pairs are the recognised standard. This often means that the pair of eyes that are absent are precisely the ones you need most – those of a specialist in the field: a ‘real’ lawyer, engineer, tax expert, etc., able to check the technical accuracy of the translation.

The way we do it, only one result is possible:  a perfect translation.

We adopt the same process for every translation project. Even for the ‘easy’ languages that we like to think we are all good at, such as English.

And what do we charge? You will be surprised by how competitive our prices really are! Calculate the price right now online.

Think you can do a good job yourself? Things will almost certainly go wrong …

We know businesses that have tried to do their own translation work. It is no exaggeration to say that things are almost bound to go wrong. The meaning of a sentence in the source text may be subtly altered in the translation, changed dramatically, or even lost altogether.

The resulting misunderstandings can have a significant negative impact on your image, and your commercial success. The risks are greatest if the text includes legal, financial or technical terms. Terminology is seldom translatable one-for one. Furthermore, these kinds of texts are often crammed full of such terminology.

It is therefore vital that you engage professionals to both translate and edit your work who are also experts in your field.

ISO 17100 and 9001

You should always choose a professional translation agency that not only knows your languages, but is equally at home in your specialist field. An agency that delivers guaranteed, certified quality.

There are very few translation agencies anywhere in Europe awarded both 17100 and 9001 ISO certification.  These certificates guarantee you that we will deliver exactly what we promise: the optimum translation of specialist texts.


AVANTI Language Services

AVANTI Language Services is a translation agency specialising in the legal, financial, commercial, and technical fields. We are based in Lijnden, near Amsterdam, but work for clients located throughout the world.


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