Avanti is performing well. We are regularly tapping into new markets and finding new partners. Over recent years we have created a number of strategic alliances with other translation agencies in the Netherlands and abroad. Last year, for example, we merged with Fides Vertaalservice. And even now, whilst many businesses

You have already discovered the benefits of WPML. In the Netherlands and abroad there is now a big demand for this revolutionary way to translate a website quickly and efficiently. No longer the hassle of retrieving all the texts from the site, translating them, and then putting the translations back

You have spared no effort or cost in optimising your website. However, there is something missing: it is still only in one language. And many of your clients are based abroad. It takes a lot of time to extract all the text from your website and send it to your

A CAT is a translation done with the help of the computer. But not by the computer. Underpinning every high-quality translation is the work of one of our top translators. The computer doesn’t translate anything itself: it builds up a store of translated text. When any parts of this text

As a regular customer you will know that over recent years Avanti has invested considerably in improving quality. We make sure that before a translation is returned to you it has been worked on by three people (our ‘three pairs of eyes’ principle). Where the subject matter requires, we use

The fact that words are spelt differently in the US than in the UK is something we all know. But what about other languages ‘shared’ by various countries? The German alphabet includes a letter that appears in no other alphabet – the ‘sharp s’ (ß). It indicates the use of

AVANTI is ISO certified. Our ISO certificate doesn’t just prove that we tick a few boxes. It is the reward for a lengthy process of inventorisation and optimisation of all our business processes. Every certified business will have drawn up its own quality manual, setting out all facets of their

Society moves at an ever faster pace. Businesses are responding: order before 23.59, next day delivery; ready whilst you wait; same-day service. And if your pizza is not at your front door inside 30 minutes, you get it free. It’s therefore not surprising that many clients expect translations to be

Let’s not beat around the bush. A translation is an expensive product.  That’s because each translation is unique to the source text and any instructions supplied by the client. Sometimes parts of a translation can be borrowed from previously-translated documents, but even so, each sentence is then checked, revised and refined

When we tell our clients that we have been awarded ISO certification the usual response is ‘That must be ISO 9001?’, since this is the more well-known standard. But it is not the most specific standard for our business sector: ISO 17100 is the standard that has been developed for,

We are regularly contacted by clients requiring a ‘certified translation’. To be able to help, we first need to find out what exactly they require, since there is actually no such thing as a ‘certified translation’. In our industry we only deal with sworn translations, sometimes accompanied by an apostille

‘Surely you mean four eyes’, I can hear you thinking. Actually, no. At AVANTI we ensure that every translation is carefully overseen by three pairs of eyes: by those of a translator, a corrector and an editor. This is just one of several ways in which our agency stays ahead